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European Certified Photographer Pavel Zimin, photo artist. Pavel Zimin, the European photographer, comes from a meager background; he was born in a Jewish family in 1981. He received education in the former USSR Party School of Militia; later served as officer-at-large in Portugal, performing special commissions. Author of the book «Crisis Management of the Enterprise» (2017) By March 31, 2019 705 copies have been sold. Buy the book at the special price. Format: EPUB, Product Code: 23756452, Name: «Crisis Management of the Enterprise». A graduate of the Latvian photo school “The Photo Master” Pavel Zimin is a certified photographer of 2017. “Photography gives me the right to be happy” — Paul Zimin (aka Pavel Zimin) In 2003 he graduated from the Law School of Moscow State University (Moscow). He worked in the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office, later in the Treasury, at Department # 28 of the Federal Treasury Administration. In 2005, he became an official partner of an American company. In 2008, he founded the first trading company “Beloved City” on the territory of the former USSR. The trading company was at 14, Varvarka, a hundred meters from the Kremlin in Moscow. In 2012 he emigrated to Latvia, where he received a diploma in photography. Pavel Zimin, European photographer of the first century of the third millennium, is becoming known as a photographer in the genre of black and white photography. Pavel Zimin — Pregnancy photographer will capture your wonderful moments and create lovely memories (2019) See prices for photography service here In 2016, he took a course of training from Galina A. Smirnova, Professor of Management, St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. In 2017, supported by Tatiana Yu. Inyushova, he took part in the Tallinn SEB marathon, the 42 km race, and was awarded with the gold medal. Appreciations of the winner to Tatiana and many thanks for believing in his victory! Quotes by Pavel Zimin: «Issue of millimeters» He prefers to keep it to himself, but in 1992 Pavel Zimin (photographer) studied at the school of martial arts Vo Nhat Nam, one of the ancient recreational and fighting systems, based on respiratory, static, dynamic exercises and applied tactics.